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Volume 160


$15 each copy
Urban Conservation and Post Traditional Environments:

From Depopulation to Regeneration 

Reza Abouei

Re-Ordering & After: Editing Ecosystems & History in the Restoration of Heritage Landscapes Under Globalization

Gordon Brent Ingram and Michael Habib


Practicing the Built Tradition in Tai O, Hong Kong

    Gary W.K. Yeung


Volume 161
$20 each  copy
What Has Changed Can Change Again:
The Living-Integrating Traditional Houses of Turkey
Deniz Orhun and Emrah Orhun

The Evolution of the Traditional House Architectural Form in the
Post Traditional Era, Indonesia
Laksmi Gondokusumo Siregar           

Loss of Locus in the Indian Home

Shikha Jain


The Morphological Characteristics of a Traditional House-Form at a Post-Traditional Moment: The Taneyan Lanjhang in Eastern Java

Endang Titi Sunarti Darjosanjoto        


Volume 162 

Identity, Hybridity, and History

$20 each copy
A Quest for Hybrid Identity: Kadirga-Kumkapi in Istanbul

Ipek Akpinar and Semra Aydinl  


Pars in Dubai and Dubai in Pars: A Problem of Identity 

Gh. Memarian and Frank E. Brown


Hybridity in Taiwanese Architecture Built During the Japanese Period

Ming-Chih Tsai and Chao-Ching Fu        


The Globalization of Architecture in Beirut

Sawsan Saridar and Hisham Elkadi


Volume 163

Emerging Identities in a Post Global World

$20 each copy
Spatial Patterns of Ethnic Identity in a Post Global World

Nadia Charalambous


The “State Philosophical” in the “Land Without Philosophy”:
Shopping Malls, Interior Cities, and the Image of Utopia in Dubai

Ahmed Kanna


From Dubai to Cairo: Shifting Centers of Influence? 

Yasser Elsheshtawy


Mumbai (Bombay): Paradoxical Undercurrents of an Identity? 

Debabardhan Upadhyaya


Volume 164


$20 each copy
Space Syntax as a Tool for Preserving Cultural Tradition in Housing Legislation:
The Case of Tripoli, Libya

Ali Eldweeb Emhemed, Faozi Ujam and Brian Edwards                  


Why the Architect's House Has One Sitting Room and the
Client's House Has Two Kitchens

Christos A. Hadjichristos


Style as Context: Post-traditional Open Space Design in Hong Kong

Mary Padua


Pattern and Artwork Design: Generative Theories in Yoruba African Forms

Abimbola Asojo


Volume 165 

Migration and its Physical Manifestations           

$20 each copy

Innovation and Tradition: Current Domestic Architecture in the
Sierra Purépecha of Michoacán, México

Catherine Ettinger


The Remittance House: Transnational Architecture in Twenty-First Century Mexico

Sarah L. Lopez


A Tale of Two Houses: Diaspora, Return and Migrant Architectures

Mirjana Lozanovska


Bendum: In the Heart of Mindanao

Anthony Collins


Volume 166

Representing Identity in the Built Environment

$20 each copy
A Code of Logic in Glocal Environments

Gh. Reza Islami


Reconstruction of Traditional Architecture in Santorini Island

Julia Theodoraki         


Authentic Heroes of the Wild West

Ekaterina Vlahos       


Shifting Boundaries: The Relationship Between Representation, Mobility and Identity

Ravi K. Subramania


Volume 167 

Citizenship and the Transformations of Public

$20 each copy
Imported Models, Hybrid Spaces:
The Case of Representative Projects in Santa Monica and Oberhausen

Ileana Apostol         


Questioning the “Publicness” of the Post-industrial Cities’ Public Spaces

Z. Muge Akkar


The Spatial Transitions in Expo Cities: The Expo Event in the Post Global World

Semra Aydinli and Seda H. Bostanci


Six Sites of Resisitance in Disneyland and Singapore: Utopia or Euphoria?

Eunice M. F. Seng


Volume 168 

Local Identity and Traditional Built Forms in Post Global Era

$20 each copy
Introducing "Adequate Architecture" in Contemporary Africa

Fernando Varanda


Dirt by Design

Laurence Keith Loftin III and Jacqueline Victor


Beyond Regionalism: The Work of Geoffrey Bawa in Sri Lanka

William B Bechhoefer


Re-conceiving Afghan Cellular Architecture for the Reconstruction of Rural Schools

Donald J Watts and Cenk Yoldas              


Volume 169 

Social, Economic and Urban Infrastructure in a Post Global Era

$20 each copy
Reconfiguring Urban Form and Physical Infrastructure in an Age of Globalization:
An Intercontinental Comparison

Maria Soledad Garcia Ferrari


Growth Centre and Archipelagic Settlements: Question on the Continent Bias in the Development Strategy of Indonesia

Triatno Yudo Harjoko    


Where Heritage Goes?

Eman Assi


The Traditional Condition of Spatial Environments in Egypt and
the Sustainability of the Contemporary Built Environment

Moshira El-Rafey


Volume 170

Heritage Discourses in a Post-Global Era

$20 each copy
Urban heritage and the Unilateral Global Culture: Convergence or Conflict

Ahmed M. Salah Ouf


Globalization, Museumification, and Urban Dreams

Khaled Adham


Towards and Architectural Vision for the Globalization Dilemma and
the Challenges to Local Reality

Ali Abd Raouf and Hesham Khairy Abdelfattah


Rethinking Cultural Heritage: Lessons from Sana’a, Yemen

Michele Lamprakos


Volume 171

The Culture of Heritage in a Post-Global World

$20 each copy
Building for the Business of Bermuda

Sylvia Shorto


Istanbul’s Shopping Identity (Re)Shaped: The Metrocity in Buyukdere Avenue

Ipek Akpinar and Nurbin Paker Kahvecioglu        


Converging Qualities of Recreational Environments

Anne A. Gharaibeh


The Possibilities or Impossibilities of the Indigenous Vernacular Heritage

Debbie Whelan


Volume 172

Constructed Authenticity

$20 each copy
Form and Meaning: In Search of Authenticity in the Coastal Tourist Resorts of Egypt

Hisham S. Gabr


Prisoners of the Californian Dream: Panic Suburbs in Hong Kong

Laura  Ruggeri


Imaginary Environments: Recent Trends in Dubai Residential Projects

Azza Eleishe         


Tradition and Criticality: Architectural Concepts and Form in the Arabic World

Hazim Rashed Al Nijaidi


Volume 173 

Authenticity in Architecture and Urbanism

$20 each copy
Antipodean Authenticity: The Meeting House, Bay Villa and Bach

Mike Austin


The City and its Minarets

Sebnem Yucel Young


The Historic Districts of Dubai in the UAE: What Future in a Post Global World? 

Djamel Boussaa


What Can We Learn From British Colonial Public Buildings?
Melaka, Malaysia Case Studies

Roslan Bin Haji Talib


Volume 174

Global Networks

$15 each copy
Bio-Medical Technology Spatialized: Reterritorializing Life, Money, and Power

Robert Mugerauer


Traditional Environments Revisited:
Paradoxes and Challenges in a Post Global - Digital Era

Youhansen Eid and Mustafa Z. El-Attal


The Ghost Dance of Architecture: Redefining Authenticity in Digital Architecture?

Hesham Khairy Abdelfattah and Ali A. Raouf


Volume 175

Contesting the Limits of Authenticity

$20 each copy
The Public Medina: Reflections of Authenticity and Change in Cognitive Maps

Tridib Banerjee and Hussam H. Salama


A Case for Relevance:
Potential Roles for Traditional Typologies in Post-Traditional Environments

Kevin Mitchell


The Tradition Veiled in a Post Global Environment

John Onyango


Traditional Islamic Patterns in Post-Global Garb: Symbol of Culture or Fashion? 

Diane Wildsmith


Volume 176

CONSTRUCTING HISTORY/Questioning Authenticity

$20 each copy
Orchard Road as Conduit: Between Nostalgia and Authenticity

Limin Hee 


Whose Tradition is it? A Cross-Cultural Examination on Amdo Tibetan Architectural Traditions in Northwest China

Maggie Mei-Kei Hui             


A History as a Collective Memory in Preserving the Living Environment: Phenomenological Urban Studies and the Redevelopment of Shibuya, Tokyo

Izumi Kuroishi


Loaded Symbolism: The Boundaries and Repercussions of Post Traditional Space

Varun Kapur


Volume 177

Indigenous Places and Struggles for Resistance

$15 each copy
Urban Ethnogenesis Begins at Home:
The Making of Self and Place Amidst the Environmental Economy in Amazonia

Daniela M. Peluso


Vieques, Puerto Rico: From Devastation to Conservation and Back Again

Javier Arbona


Tangible Military Sites vs. Intangible Memory

Hui-Wen Lin